Arrest warrant for actor Alabora for attempts to topple Turkish gov’t

In relation with the 2013 Gezi Park protests, Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office has issued an arrest warrant for famous actor, Mehmet Ali Alabora, following an ongoing investigation.

At the request of Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor, Istanbul 8th Magistrate Court ordered that Mehmet Ali Alabora’s participation in the  Gezi Park protest was an attempt to destroy the ‘Republic of Turkey and prevent the government of Turkey from carrying out its task’. The court ordered security forces to arrest Alabora for detention.

Mehmet Ali Alabora along with other actors and activists during Gezi protests, 2013, Istanbul (Photo: Twitter)

It was claimed that the courts decision on Alabora is related to the actor’s relation with activist and businessman Osman Kavala, who had been detained for funding Gezi Park protests. 8th Criminal Court of Peace asserted that hedge fund billionaire George Soros funded some of Gezi Park protests through the NGO which is run by Kavala.

Acting Deputy Istanbul Attorney General Hasman Yilmaz included Alabora’s meeting with Serbian Leader Ivan Marovic who played a crucial role in Georgia and Arab World protests before Gezi Park incident in Istanbul, into the arrest warrant file as evidence.

Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that Prosecutor Yilmaz paid attention to wife of Alabora, Ayse Pinar Alabora together with other names including Defne Anter, author Handan Meltem Arikan and advertiser Metin Osasogie Edomvvony who met Ivan Marovic on the dates of 18-21 June, 2012 Istanbul and 7-15 July 2012, in Egypt.

The prosecutor emphasized that when Marovic was in Egypt, Kavala was also abroad.

The prosecution claims following Alabora and Osman’s return to the country, they started the rehearsal of a theatre performance called Mi Mimor on July 30, 2012. This performance motivates the audience to protest against the ruler of the country. Alabora also filmed many videos to provoke people against the state in 2012.

It has been pointed out that the Gezi Park protests were planned since 2011, with Alabora becoming a part of the protest with his videos and theatre performances.

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