Tension breaks out in the parliament over Akpınar’s statements

An altercation broke out at the Turkish Parliament’s Planning and Budget Commission triggered by recent statements of famous Turkish actor Metin Akpınar.

During the meeting, parliamentarians walked up to each other and throwing trenchant words, reported Haber Turk.

Famous Actors, Metin Akpınar, 77, and Müjdat Gezen, 75, were hosted by journalist Uğur Dündar on his program aired on Halk TV on Dec 21, during which Akpınar said that he believed that the only solution for them to get rid of polarisation and strive for democracy.

While MPs were holding a meeting on ‘traffic fines and reconstruction peace’ a Metin Akpınar tension broke out.

During the meeting Peoples’ Democracy Party Parliament Member, Garo Paylan, claimed that “the government fears losing the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the upcoming local elections. All surveys show that.”

According to Haber Turk’s, a Turkish news channel, reporter Saliha Çolak, during the meeting Garo Paylan said that Akpınar who makes everyone smile was abruptly taken into custody by the instruction of the President Erdoğan.

Paylan further said: “That video is a call for democracy. In the video (in which Akpınar was criticizing Erdoğan) Akpınar made a warning.”

Besides Paylan’s words, AK Party İzmir Deputy, Yaşar Kırkpınar, caused furious arguments between HDP, CHP and AK Party deputies as he intervened shouting: “there is no warning.. but demand!”

“You can’t defend military coup from here”

During the arguments, AK Party Manisa Deputy, Uğur Aydemir, said to Paylan: “I strongly condemn the way you speak at the parliament. Where are we, Mr. Paylan? Where are you doing this speech? Look what you’re talking about at the assembly, you should defend democracy.”

“This is an unfortunate moment in our parliament. You can’t defend the military coup here,” added Aydemir.

Aydemir added: “You are talking in a way that indicates there hasn’t been a coup attempt. Good damn it the military coups! Listen the speech of Metin Akpınar carefully,” which caused tension among deputies who exchanged harsh arguments.

When Paylan said: “Be silent and let me make my speech”, Aydemir replied that: “Why I would be silent? Military coups took place because of persons like Metin Akpınar. Wake up, and look what you are talking about.”

“I condemn and oppose Akpınar’s words”

As the heated argument continued, Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) MP, Mehmet Bekaroğlu, expressed his condemnation of Akpınar. However, he also condemned taking Akpınar into custody following the speech of president. “I condemn both things,” said Bekaroğlu.

Commission Chairman, Sadi Bilgiç, stated that Paylan was voicing his thoughts. “Each one of you can make a speech. We are discussing neither coup dynamics nor what Metin Akpınar and Müjdat Gezen said. We also neither speak about the trial of the judiciary nor prosecution process,” noted Bilgiç.

‘We condemn this dictatorial thought’

While the arguments continued, CHP İstanbul Deputy, Mahmut Tanal, asked shouting: “Can it be such a fascist thought? I condemn this dictatorial thought.”

Harsh words

As the debate unfolds, Chairman of the Commission Bilgiç, interrupted the session, but another heated argument broke out again.

During the interruption, CHP Deputy Tanal and AK Party Aydemir walked towards each others. An unprecedented fight prevented by other deputies. Meanwhile, another argument was initiated between AK Party İstanbul Deputy Şirin Ünal and Tanal. Requesting an apology from Ünal just after the break, Bekaroğlu claimed that Ünal cursed him. Warning the deputies, commission chairman requested the continuation of the budget talks.

“Strongly condemn”

During the talks, Aydemir held a speech and reacted by saying: “You are condemning the president but not Akpınar. 6OO deputies should condemn Akpınar.” He also condemned the opposition parties for their attitude.

While Paylan said “Hitler also came after election,” in response to Paylan, Bilgiç asked him: “Did he leave by election? Is there a two-term condition (A Turkish President can only be elected for two terms).”

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