They are so-called artists: Erdoğan on Akpınar, Gezen

Famous Turkish theatre actors Metin Akpınar, and Müjdat Gezen, who made a “polarisation alert” in Turkish society, were strongly criticised by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during a public speech on Dec 23 without mentioning their names.   

Following famous actors’ statements on polarisation, Erdoğan called the judiciary to take steps regarding the issue.

Erdoğan held a speech at the General Council of Foreign Economic Relations. “They say they will take me to the gallows, on media outlets. These calls are being done by the so-called artists,” Erdoğan said, adding: “Now go and pay your price at the judiciary.”

Famous Actors Metin Akpınar, 77, and Müjdat Gezen, 75, were hosted by journalist Uğur Dündar on his program airing on Halk TV on 21 December during which Akpınar said that he believed that “the only solution for us is to get rid of polarisation and strive for democracy.”

“If we can reach that point that there will be fight and we will manage. But if won’t then perhaps the leader will be hanged from his feet like it happened in all other fascisms of the past, or he will be poisoned in a dungeon or live the end of all the other leaders,” Akpınar added.

Müjdat Gezen(left) and Metin Akpinar(right) were targeted by President Erdoğan due to their comments on TV. (Photo: TGRT)
“They targeted our economy under the pretext of protecting 12 trees in Gezi Park”

Erdoğan further pointed out that during the Gezi Events, they targeted our economy from streets under the pretext of protecting 12 trees.  

Claiming that the Gezi Events were provoked either by main opposition party and some international organisation, Erdogan said angrily: “They fired with guns, also they burnt the streets, working places and municipality buses which were bought with the taxes of the citizens. Are they patriots? Are they nationalists? How can you support those behind them? You know those who supported them.”

Erdogan describes secular elite as parasite

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