Erdoğan Lawyer Files an Appeal to RTÜK Demanding TV Program Suspension

Hüseyin Aydın, one of the lawyers of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, filed an appeal to the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), demanding “administrative fine to Halk TV and five-time suspension of the TV program.”

The programme hosted famous actors Müjdat Gezen and Metin Akpınar who angered Erdogan by their comments, in an alleged violation to an article related to the Law of Establishment and Broadcasting Services of Radio and Television.

The appeal mentioned that during the Halk Arenası (The Arena of People) programme, aired on 21 December, actors Gezen and Akpınar made a comment, targeting, insulting, and threatening Turkish President Erdoğan, in addition to calling for a military coup against the constitution.

The appeal further highlighted that the actors’ comments are considered an explicit crime, citing the Turkish Criminal Code and the 8th article of law number 6112, regulating principles of broadcasting services in Radio and Television.  

Moreover, the appeal indicated that, after thorough analysis, the comments aimed at stirring hate against Erdoğan. “Beyond the criticising in the comments, Erdoğan was openly insulted and threatened. Besides, the program, which violated law, was full of expressions such as “coup d’etat propaganda to abolish Republic of Turkey.”

In the petition, the lawyer also mentioned that “in order to prevent the explicit violation of law, the programme has to be sanctioned severely.”  

Therefore, the warning and administrative fine, should be less than 10,000 TL, according to the law regulating “principles of broadcasting services Radio and Television.”

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