Turkey is Self-Sufficient Only in Sugar Production FAO, OECD Say

Turkey has become a foreign dependent country in agricultural crops according to the 2018 figures of Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), and UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The figures show that only sugar production in Turkey surpasses the consumption.

In a report, which was published by FAO and OECD, it shows that,  similar to the previous year, the production amount in wheat, corn, rice cannot meet the consumption demand in Turkey.

Import figures are higher than  export (including sugar which production meets the consumption) in the country. Production increase of wheat, which is the most consumed agricultural production 2018, is behind the increase of consumption.  

Turkey’s agricultural outlook 2017-2018 according to OECD-FAO

Soybeans are the leading agricultural product in the report. It is indicated that while the soybean production is 2829,00 (gross ton) in 2018, the increase stayed at 160,63, another requirement in soybean was met as foreign-dependent.  

Meanwhile, OECD figures state that the production amount in corn, non-wheat cereals, corn, rice, soy bean and sugar aren’t showing much difference, compared to 2017.  

As wheat consumption ranked first with 210 kilograms per person per year, rice, corn and cereal consumption declined, compared to 2017.  

Note: Figures used in the news was taken from the figures 2017 and first six-month of 2018 figures of OECD report.

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