An Italian style action by Galatasaray

As the yellow-and-red-colored Galatarasay football club recorded six points in the second half of the Sport Toto Super League, following Başakşehir, a transfer action plan has kicked off in one of the biggest Turkish clubs; Galatasaray.

Planning to use of his strong ties with Italy, Galatasaray manager, Fatih Terim, plans to bring Lazio footballer Luiz Felipe, and Miranda from Inter Milan club to Galatasaray’s team, while he took an action to transfer for Brazilian footballer Taffarel. However, Felipe is the on top of Galatasaray’s transfer chart.

All eyes on Galatarasay, closing the first half of Sport Toto Super League in fifth place with the 29 points, have turned to footballers transfer.

On one hand, focusing on the target footballer, on the other hand Galatasaray has put an action plan to reinforce its defence. Reportedly, in the context of Terim’s transfer request, Galatasaray’s management has been working for double transfers from Italy since the end of the first half of the league.

According to a report on the experienced Terim, young back-liner Luiz Felipe of Lazio who set foot in Italy in 2016, is on top of the transfers list. Galatasaray team eyes an offer to finalise the procedure of transferring 21-year-old Felipe soon.

Putting an action upon the uncertainty of the status of Maicon, Ozan Kabak and Serdar Aziz, Galatasary wants to reinforce its defence. Using the revenue from the Maicon’s transfer, Galatasary directed its attention to Miranda. Terim and Tafferel reportedly will be put on action for Miranda.

It is expected from 34-year-old defender Miranda, who had not found the opportunity to play with Inter, is to create Thomas Ujfalusi effect. Miranda, played for Brazil during the 2018 World Cup, and previously came to the agenda of the Galatasary.

Terim Came to Play Amid Transferring Nagatomo

It was revealed that during the hiring of Yuto Nagatomo from Inter Milan club, Terim also had a role and ruled his personal relations while hiring Nagatomo.

During the first days of term tenure in Galatasary, Terim said “if necessary, I will use my personal relations to find a solution” (with reference to transfers), and thus kept his word.

Previously, Nagatomo was offered to Real Betis but Fatih Terim hired Nagatomo for Galatasaray, by using his personal relationships with Inter’s management.

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