Khashoggi’s body parts lugged into consul general’s house

Bags and suitcases reportedly containing the chopped up body of slain dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi were carried into the residence of Saudi Arabia’s consul general the day he was killed, a Turkish pro-government television channel has reported.

 A Haber aired closed circuit television (CCTV) footage showing men carrying suitcases and bags into the resident of Saudi Arabia’s consul general in Istanbul.

It is not known who the men are, but they are believed to either be members of the hit-squad that was sent to assassinate Khashoggi or consular staff.

The CCTV footage showing the bags and suitcases being carried into the residence has a date stamp of 3:19 pm on October 2, 2018.

Link to watch CCTV footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCh3NvkG7LA

Alive less than an hour earlier

Previous reports on Turkish and international media showed CCTV footage of Khashoggi entering the consulate less than an hour earlier.

The Saudi consul-general’s residence in Istanbul is located several hundred meters from the consulate where Khashoggi had entered to attend to certain paperwork certifying his divorce from his ex-wife so he could remarry. He was engaged to Hatice Cengiz, a Turkish national.

He was reportedly strangled to death and dismembered inside the consulate by a hit team comprising of Saudi officials, while Cengiz was waiting outside the consulate and eventually informed by the staff that there is nobody inside.

No experience chopping up a warm body

The Daily Sabah newspaper reported that the gruesome details of the killing were obtained from audio tapes which purportedly reveal that Saudi forensics doctor Salah al-Tubaigy as saying: “I know how to cut. I’ve never worked on a warm body so far, but I can easily handle him [Khashoggi]”.

After initially denying the killing, the Saudi Arabian government conceded that it had taken place, but that the orders for the killing did not come from the highest echelons of government or the ruling royal family. Saudi Arabia have since detained most of what Turkish investigators say was a 15-man assassination team. Al-Tubaigy is not one of them.

The Turkish government maintains that the incident was a “premeditated murder” set up by the highest level of Saudi leadership, implying that Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was behind the murder.

Saudi officials have denied that claim, saying Khashoggi was killed in a “rogue operation” and that Prince Bin Salman had any knowledge of the assassination.

The US Senate passed a resolution on December 13 blaming the Saudi crown prince for Khashoggi’s killing, however the Trump administration maintains that there is no smoking-gun linking the crown prince to the murder.

Turkey’s own Kashoggi moment

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