Up to 20 years of imprisonment demanded for former HDP deputy Kürkçü

Demanding from nine to 20 years of imprisonment, Turkish court has opened a lawsuit against former Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) Deputy, Ertuğrul Kürkçü, in line with the terror investigation about him.

Demanding the reunification with the indictment, which was previously prepared by the Diyarbakır (SE Turkish province) Public Prosecutor’s Office for Kürkçü, another indictment was filed against him regarding three different crimes, and was accepted by 10th heavy penal court.

Given, in the indictment, some information on the foundation, aim, and attacks of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)/ Kurdistan Communities Union and in the indictment (KCK), it was also specified that two actions, during which Kürkçü attended in the different times committing crimes.

Referring to the hunger strike, which was held by 50 parties, in solidarity with solitary confinement of Abdullah Öcalan, the indictment added that during the subjected strikes, it is determined that Öcalan was eulogised by Kürkçü and he committed “praising the crime and criminal” by saying: “Loved by people, respected leader” in a meeting  held at the Democratic Union Party (DTP) provincial building on 6 September 6 2016.

Meanwhile, the indictment further mentioned that Kürkçü attended the protests, organised to protest detentions of Diyarbakır Co-Mayors Gülten Kışanak and Fırat Anlı.

Indicating Kürkçü’s commitment to crime by violating law right to assembly and demonstration; it is said that he attended the illegal demonstration, and didn’t leave from the meeting point despite the warnings. The indictment also highlighted the decision, by which press speech, sit-in protests and rally and every kind of meetings were banned under various laws, and State of Emergency (OHAL) law, taken by Diyarbakır Governorship.

“Kürkçü attended the subjected actions, which organised by a group directed by PKK/KCK via social media shares. Under the settled judicial opinions of 16th supreme court, it is decided that Kürkçü has strong ties with terror organisation by his actions,” the indictment stated.  

For promoting a terror organisation, and being member of an armed terror organisation, in addition to inciting hate, it was demanded to sentence Kürkçü from nine to 23 years in prison.

Kürkçü, as other opposition figures, also has been investigated with various accusations. Prosecutors have been submitting more than one files against him.

With the new Indictment, which was prepared on the condition of unification, up to nine to 20-year imprisonment demanded for the charges of: “praising the crime and criminal, organising illegal rallies, and not leaving from the meeting are despite the warnings.”

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