Record-high number of Americans want to leave the US: Poll

It’s during the Trump administration that the number of Americans who want to leave the United States permanently has reached at its highest level ever, according to a recent survey conducted by Gallup.

The findings of the poll show that the more Donald Trump has focused on to lower the number of people who want to get into the U.S., since he took the office, the more Americans have wanted to get out.

16 percent of Americans  overall said consecutively in last two years that they would like to permanently move to another country. The figure is higher than the average levels during Trump’s two predecessors administration; Barack Obama( %10) and George W. Bush(%11).

Though it’s not asked the political leanings of people in the poll, the surge in Americans’ eager to migrate has dominated among Democratic leaning groups which overwhelmingly disapprove Trump’s job performance so far in his presidency. Most of these people are women, young and low-incomers.

The stunning figures; 20 percent of women, 30 percent of 15-30 aged young Americans and the 30 percent of the poorest(%20) who want to leave the country, say a lot about rising reactions to Trump’s administration mostly among the most disadvantaged groups.

The number of women who wanted to leave the U.S. was half of this (%20) during the Obama (%10) or Bush era(%11). Before the Trump’s presidency there wasn’t a significant gap between men’s and women’s desires to get out. Only 10 percent of the American men thought to move before 2017, and that number has slightly increased to 13 percent in last 2 years.

But the achilles’ heel of the case surface among the young where 30 percent of them live with the dream of an exodus, in which the gender gap is the largest as %40 of women in this group said they would like to move, compared with %20 of young men.

As a disadvantaged group of the society, the poorest 20 percent of Americans come forward in the poll findings as well. Three of ten Americans in the poorest group would like to leave U.S., if they could. That figure was less than half during Obama years.

Desire to move Canada?

Before and after Trump’s election, many Americans — particularly Democrats — threatened to move to Canada (as Republicans did after Obama was elected). Canada always has been one of the top desired destinations for Americans, but that desire has only increased since Trump’s election. In 2018, more than one in four Americans (26%) who would like to move named Canada as the place they would like to go, up from 12% in 2016.

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