Police Confirm the Illegal Sale of Alcohol at a Restaurant Owned by a Turkish Actor

Turkish Police has confirmed, according to a report, that the sale of alcohol at a restaurant owned by Erkan Petekkaya is illegal.

According to a news portal, Oda TV, the police report came as a result of an application to the Presidential Communication Centre, made by a Turkish citizen.

In recent comments published the popular daily, Posta, Pettekkaya became a subject of harsh criticism after he suggested a ban on the sales of alcohol and tobacco.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on abstinence when it comes to alcohol and tobacco, a subject that has largely proven to be sensitive. His government has heavily taxed alcohol sales.

Erdogan’s views on the secular lifestyle of many of the country’s citizens have not gone down well with many, with secularists seeing Erdogan’s stance as an invasion of their privacy.

During the Gezi Park protests in 2013, Erdogan accused the protesters of entering a mosque while drinking and also placed increased restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol, which sparked further protests.

“I want them (the protesters) to know that I want restrictions for the sake of their health. Whoever drinks alcohol is an alcoholic,” said Erdogan on Jun 2, 2013.

After Petekkaya’s in Posta, many lashed out at him due to his constant involvement in political and religious matters. Several opposition party leaders even labeled his comments in Posta as an extension of his pro-governmental stance.

Oda TV, in an allegation, broadcast that a restaurant serving alcoholic beverages actually has been operated by Petekkaya since 2011.

In the backlash against Petekkaya’s comments on alcohol, dozens of social media users posted pictures showing they had consumed alcohol at the restaurant. Oda TV published a selection of these social media posts.

Petekkaya later defended himself by saying his stance against these products is based on their negative effects on health. Petekkaya claims he was misunderstood and his words were not because of zealotry.

Another allegation made by a TV anchorman, Caglar Cilara, who works for Halk TV, a mouthpiece TV channel of the main opposition Republican Peoples Party (CHP) in Turkey claimed the sale of alcohol at the restaurant is illegal.

The response from CIMER to a Turkish citizen’s application, informs the applicant that police documented the sales as illegal and contacted the municipal board of the district for the appropriate legal action. The applicant had asked whether or not Petekkaya’s restaurant has a license to sell.

Petekkaya is a famous actor in the Turkish TV series world. He acted in 19 different television series and films. Once, he was nominated as the best actor of the year in 2005 at “White Pearl Awards” for his role at the “Dog” TV show.

Turkish actor’s alcohol dilemma

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