Police raid to pro-Kurdish HDP members, many detained

After a dawn police raid targeting People’s Democratic Party (HDP) members in Ankara, capital of Turkey, at least 8 of them are detained, according to HDP’s Ankara office.

Among the detainees, there are also members of various unions.

The party has shared a list of detainees via its official Twitter account of Ankara office.

The names are as follow:

Ali Özkan 

Dilbaz Temel 

Nurettin Kemertaş 

Sihan Kaya

Harun Çakmak 

Feride Yardımcı 

Eyüp Emektar 

Banu Erdoğan 

Union Members:

Devrim Kahraman 

Güler Elveren

İlhan Karaman 

Hatice Beydilli

Along with the HDP members more than 30 people were detained with the accusations of propagandising terrorism and abetting terrorist organization.

Ahead of local elections in March 2019, pro-Kurdish HDP members have become more and more target of lawsuits, many in the pretext of overly abused terror laws.

Up to 20 years of imprisonment demanded for former HDP deputy Kürkçü

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