Former CHP Deputy Eren Erdem’s father fired from his job

Hasan Erdem, father of Eren Erdem was fired from his job following referring President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and said “I am calling out the one who gave the direction (on the verdict by which his son Eren Erdem arrested). Just a word of advice! Neither I nor my son doesn’t afraid from you.”  

İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for Erdem, a former Member of Parliament of opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), after an appeal to a verdict of releasing him on Monday.

‘We are not afraid’

Waiting in front of the prison, the family of Eren made an explanation following the arrest warrant and reacted against the arrest warrant.

“Just a word of advice! Neither I nor my son doesn’t afraid from you. You can’t kneel down us” said Father Erdem as reacting against Erdoğan.  

Father Erdem fired from his job

Following his explanation, father of Eren Erdem scandalously fired from his job. Dismissing of Hasan Erdem was made public by former CHP Deputy Barış Yarkadaş who shared the development from his Twitter account.

“Horror and oppressing are making way to unjustness. Oppressing makes humanity decay! I am just saying that we will not bend over following the scandalous event (arresting Eren Erdem), father of Brother Hasan was fired. We can’t work together’ was said to him. Here is the price of not obeying!” wrote Yarkadaş in his twitter message.

Istanbul 24th high criminal court issued an arrest warrant for Eren Erdem, right after a lower court decided a supervised release for former deputy of CHP and Editor in Chief of Karşı Daily, on Monday.  He was arrested with the accusation of publishing records of eavesdropping tapes of 17-25 December 2013 corruption case in Karşı Daily after the general elections in June 2018 and has been in Istanbul’s Silivri prison since then.

An arrest warrant followed a supervised release verdict for Turkish opposition former MP Eren Erdem

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