CHP not impressed with bid to re-arrest Erdem

An opposition party leader has come out guns blazing against the warrant of arrest that was issued against Eren Erdem, immediately after his release.

Gökçe Gokcen, the deputy chairman for People’s Republican Party (CHP), the main opposition party said: “Following a discharge decision was taken at the end of a long process Eren should have been immediately discharged. But we’ve been made to wait for five to six hours. They kept Eren waiting for five to six hours against the law.”

This comes after Eren was released from a “FETO lawsuit” that had to do with the shutting down of the Karsi Daily newspaper.  

There was more heartache for the Erdem family as Eren’s mother, soon after his release, suffered a nervous breakdown.

Gökçe Gökçen, deputy chairman of opposition CHP in Turkey. (Photo: Birgün)

Gokcen, speaking in front of the infamous prison holding political inmates, the Silivri Penal Institution, said the decision was taken in relation to the illegal audio recordings published by Karsi following the 17-25 December coup attempt (corruption investigations against chief government officials).

Eren a former CHP member of parliament, and Editor-in-Chief of Karsi, along with twelve other suspects including newspaper owner Turan Ababey are being tried for their alleged involvement.

Gokcen, who reacted against the failure to discharge Eren, claimed they followed the case since the beginning and the process has been done against the good spirit of the law.

An arrest warrant followed a supervised release verdict for Turkish opposition former MP Eren Erdem

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