I will be the best mayor, a woman with Russian origins vows as she wants to run a Turkish resort

A year after acquiring Turkish citizenship, a Russian woman has announced her intention of running as a mayoral candidate for Alanya on the southern coast of Turkey.

Anastasia Petrova Çetinkaya (35) said she will be applying to contest as an independent mayoral candidate for Alanya, a town that’s part of the  Antalya province, in the country’s Mediterranean Region, 138 kilometres (86 mi) east of the city of Antalya.

Çetinkaya,  speaking to reporters at Alanya Association of Journalist headquarters, pointed out she came to Alanya in 2010 and fell in love with the district “very so much.” She works as a project development specialist and speaks five languages,

During her speech, she underlined her intention to contest the elections as a Turkish citizen and wanted to transform Alanya to become a “big tourist resort destination centre.”

Alanya is seen as one of the most prestigious summer vacation destinations among the Russian tourists.

“I have the required experience, vision and potential to become a mayor of Alanya and I have already organised my team for the upcoming elections.  

“Being of Russian origin is not a disadvantage, we will work for Alanya, there are three fundamental points in our election program. We will make public these projects on social media. We have more than 40 projects,” announced Çetinkaya.

The mayoral would-be candidate is married to a Turkish man, hence her Turkish surname Çetinkaya, and she has acquired Turkish citizenship just a year ago. She has also contributed some Turkish articles in a local magazine.

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