Suspect bust Live on TV faces serious charges

Television, dramatic as it may be at times, lived up to its name when five members of a Turkish family were arrested live on TV.

The family is accused of various charges that are murder, paedophilia and torture. Turkish citizens have in recent weeks been shocked and horrified in relation to the family.

The Palu family in Kocaeli, a western Turkish province next to Istanbul, was raided by the police on Wednesday. It has been widely claimed in the local media that Tuncel Ustael, a key suspect in the investigation, introduced himself to the family as an Islamist with supernatural powers.

It is further claimed that Ustael then “bewitched” most the Palu family members so as to enhance his “orders.” He is now accused of directing the murders of three family members, the mother and daughter are still missing.

Ustael, who has on various occasion joined a live TV show that investigates controversial cold cases hosted by Müge Anlı, is also accused of raping at least four children.

He has since rejected all accusations against him where two family members shared unconfirmed information in December.

Following-up the case, Anlı and her guests in the studio watched the detentions live and applauded, in an expression of support for the bust.

Hurriyet Daily News reported that Ustael’s criminal records show a conviction of coercion in seizing the assets of a family member. Other serious of murder and raping children were dropped.

Three Palu family members are now hospitalised at a mental hospital following the allegations of torture and abuse, Demirören News Agency reported.

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