Government investigates popular celebrity

An investigation has been launched against a popular comedian who is accused of promoting rebellion against the Turkish government.

Metin Akpinar, the legendary comedian and actor, is accused of making comments on Halk TV where he is accused of “promotion of armed rebellion against the government.”

The investigation into Akpinar’s comments has been launched by the office of Anatolia’s Chief Prosecutor. His comments are viewed as constituting the offence of “encouraging armed insurgency against the government, insulting the President, insulting a section of the people and praising the crime and the offender.”

The prosecutor’s office has separated the offence attributed to Akpinar of “encouraging armed insurgency against the government” from the investigation file and has prepared a report.

Due to the category and the considered serious nature of the crime, a report has been sent to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Istanbul.

The other crimes he is accused of will be investigated and handled by the Chief Public Prosecutor of Anatolia. The other artist to be investigated is Müjdat Gezen.

How it all went down?

Both offices of the Chief Prosecutors of Anatolia and Istanbul have confirmed that the comments made by the two artists are being looked into.

Gezen and Akpinar are also being investigating for “encouraging armed rebellion against the Government of Turkey,” among charges that a court will hear at a judicial hearing. The two were released on condition that they adhere to a travel ban abroad and mandatory checking in at the police station once a week.

Turkish actors released with judicial control, following controversial TV statements

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