Not-so clever fraudsters caught red handed demanding millions

Four suspects have been arrested by Turkish police after trying to extort 10 million Euros from the chief executive officer of Suzer Holding, Sami Cakir.

“The suspects claimed that they have state information that links the company to a ‘FETO’ operation. One of the suspects, Halil K, called Cakir on his cellphone at around 21:32 pm and introduced himself as a high-ranking state official. He then went on to claim there was an operation on Cakir at a national and international level that will be launched soon. The other claim the not-so-clever ‘official’ made was that the assets fo Mustafa Suzer, the life president of the group, would be seized, along with other entities linked to the business group,” according to the indictment filed against the suspects.

The further details of the incident explained in the indictment as follow:

“Halil further went to say Mustafa would be arrested – but requested a meeting with him by midday the next day. The request was turned down by Cakir, however, the suspect kept on calling non-stop the next day. That’s when Cakir laid a complaint.”

Ten million Euros

“After repeatedly requesting an appointment, Cakir accepted to meet the suspect at Suzer Plaza. During the meeting, the suspect again introduced himself as a high-level state official, claiming he was connected to the national intelligence agency. He again claimed that all the properties of Suzer Group would be seized with an operation that would link them to FETO, and even claimed that the operation was going to take place on the Friday before their meeting but it was cancelled.”

The man then offered himself and his co-accused as ‘negotiators’. He went on to say they can only help when a payment of 10 million Euros is made. Halil K., Hüseyin K., Mehmet S. ve Murat G were arrested after being caught red-handed during their fraud attempt. A prison sentence is being sought for them for “claiming to be connected to public officials and fraud with the promise of having something done and blackmailing.”

The suspects will soon appear before a judge in Istanbul Criminal Court.

The Turkish government has been accusing of the Gulen movement masterminding the July 15 coup attempt in 2016 and waging a sweeping crackdown against it since then. Ankara classifies the group as a terror organization and names it as FETO. Fethullah Gulen, the leader of the movement denies all allegations.

The fear of being labelled as a member of the Gulen movement in Turkish society has become a useful vulnerability for crime rings to exploit it. They often pick up wealthy victims and trap them as the later is accused of being linked to the group.

An arrest warrant followed a supervised release verdict for Turkish opposition former MP Eren Erdem

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