Cold weather in eastern Turkey continues to snap as a fox dies

A fox was killed in Caldiran as cold weather conditions that are triggered by the Siberian anticyclone continue to grip Turkey.

Caldiran is a district located in the eastern Turkish province of Van (around 1617 km distance from İstanbul).

The cold weather, which edged up Turkey from Siberia has been ongoing in mainly central and eastern parts of Turkey, has negatively affected daily life in the mentioned regions.

A public worker holds the frozen fox. (Photo: Karar)

A fox froze to death in Caldiran, with the altitude of 2050 meters, due to severe cold weather conditions which wander around minus 15-20 degrees Celsius, and could possibly rise to 35-40 degrees Celsius at night.

Reportedly the fox perished while scavenging for something to eat in the garbage dump area, about 5 km away from the district and located between the lava residues of Tendürek Mount (a dormant volcano which geologically had been active thousands of years ago).

No plastic needed, my donkey will do the job!

The fox was found by municipal workers while pouring out the garbage of Caldiran and its neighbouring residential areas. The incident has saddened the inhabitants of the district.

The eastern part of Turkey is at 2000 meters altitude, a major cause and contributor to the cold snap. But as the Siberian anticyclone stretch the region and coupling with the high altitudes, the temperature can hit minus 40 degrees Celsius in the Eastern Anatolia region.

From the highlands in the north, sometimes called Turkey’s Siberia, to the mountain ranges in the south descending towards the Mesopotamian plain in Iraq, vast stretches of this eastern region consist only of wild or barren wasteland.

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