Dirty tricks as population sign gets changed overnight

A signboard indicating the population of one of Turkey’s central city Niğde’s Ulukışla province has been changed overnight.

This comes hot on the heels of news that the population of Niğde’s Ulukışla province was more than that of the province. The signboard previously put the population at 5 800, but now it has been changed to 7 300 overnight.

It’s not clear at this stage who made the suspicious change.

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer said in front of the changed sign: “For some reason, all those who come to Ulukışla are 19-year-old voters. So no one under the age of 19 has come to Ulukisla.”

Gürer said that the voters had moved to different parts of the country, adding that the population was increased overnight. The signboard is located at the entrance of Ulukışla province.

Gürer: “It is clear the increase in the number of voters as seen on the sign does not overlap with the actual numbers. The change in the voter profile is remarkable.”

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New voters have arrived since 24 June

Gürer, talking about the number of voters in the province, pointed out that while Ulukışla’s population was 5 800, its number of voters was 5 900.

Gürer went on: “The mayor here is from the ruling AKP. When I brought up this issue in the Parliament, the mayor of Ulukışla said there is a great interest in the province. Since the June 24 elections last year, 1 700 voters came to Ulukışla, my question is what attracted these ‘voters’ to Ulukisla?”

Number of voters investigation

Following the statement made by Gürer, Ulukışla mayor Ali Uğurlu said: “When I took office in 2014, the population of Ulukışla was 4,800. Nearly 2 thousand houses were built with our support.”

Nigde Chief Prosecutor’s Office announced that an investigation has been initiated regarding the number of voters, adding that the prosecution office, police and gendarmerie teams are involved in the investigation.

The allegations about fake voters and frauded voters’ lists surface much more than before ahead of local elections in March.

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