Claims of upcoming election fraud as a 165 year-old woman makes it onto the voters roll

More claims of electoral fraud continue to flare up in Turkey as the country readies itself for the end of March elections.

Claims of imaginary voters, the manipulation of the voters’ roll and dirty tricks played by the governing party are rife as opposition parties continue to raise concern if the elections will be free and fair.

The governing party, AKP, controversially won the previous elections, leaving a cloud over whether the elections were free and fair.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP), the main opposition party in Turkey,  has is objecting to the voter list announced by the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey (YSK).

Onursal Adiguzel, CHP’s vice-chairman has claimed “imaginary or deceased Turkish citizens have been added to the list of voters.

“Ayse (148) and Zulfu (149), both with no surnames, will be voting in the upcoming elections,” Adiguzel said on Wednesday, once more raising the issue of bogus voters partaking in the elections.

“There is also 165-year-old Ayse Ekici who was born in 1854. This person has been added to the voter list for the first time,” he claimed.

Adiguzel said the number of voters has doubled this year in some regions.

Over 8 000 citizens voted in the July 24, 2018 elections in the Orta district of Cankiri province, now this number has more than doubled to 16,401 now, according to the YSK list.

The number of voters in the Camlidere district of Ankara was 6591, now it stands at 12,493, CHP claims.

The opposition party representative further claimed 6,389 voters between 100 and 165 years old would be going to the polls.

Turkey’s CHP discovers “imaginary voters” in princes’ islands

Opposition parties have said supporters of the ruling AKP went to the polls more than once, under fictitious names, in order to guarantee a win during the previous elections.

Adiguzel alleged 923,796 voters listed in last year’s elections have been removed from the list released by YSK.

Another claim made by CHP that will certainly raise eyebrows is the alleged number of Syrian immigrants who will be voting also. CHP has said about 58,364 Syrians who fled their country during the eight-year-old civil war, will be voting.

CHP claims these Syrian refugees will certainly make it a point to vote for AKP, as a massive vote of thanks.

Alleged voter fraud videos went viral on social media in Turkey during the presidential and parliamentary elections of June 24, 2018.

The BBC’s Turkish correspondent had tweeted a video, allegedly showing “a bulk of ballot papers thrown into the box.”

The state-run news agency, Anadolu published a story that said the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly (OSCE) observer mission was biased against Turkey.

Afterwards, European election monitors were denied entry by Turkish authorities, a move lashed by OSCE.

More claims of fake voters as elections loom in Turkey

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