Turkey announces various imports and quotas that also sees wheat now imported

Various import announcements have been made by the Turkish government, including the importing of wheat.

Turkey is known in the world over as a leading wheat flour exporter, however, it will import main grains including wheat, barley and corn on duty free prices for this year.

Despite the fact that Turkey sells tomatoes to Russia, it will continue to import tomato paste from Russia this year as well.

With the decision no. 649 of the Presidency, tariff quota for 2,6 million tons of grain and cereals was opened to be imported to the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) in 2019 without duty.

This will include an import quota of 1 million tons of wheat, and 700 000 tons each of barley and corn.

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On the other hand, Turkey will import 25 000 tons of duty-free tomato paste. According to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s decision, the duty-free paste can be imported until May 31, two months after the elections.

The import of the product within the scope of the quota will be made with an import license,  issued by the Ministry of Trade.

Only the industrialists who use these products as raw materials in tomato paste production will benefit from the quota.

Procedures and principles related to application and use of tariff quotas to be applied in sunflower seed imports for oil production were determined.

The Communiqué on the Implementation of Tariff Quota in the Importation of Sunflower Seeds has been published in the Official Gazette and is enforced.

Accordingly, the distribution of tariff quotas in sunflower seed imports will be made by the industrial companies that purchased sunflower seeds from July 1 to October 15, 2018.

Applications for tariff quota requests will be made within 15 days on the website of the Ministry of Commerce (www.ticaret.gov.tr).

No more allocation will be made to the companies than the amount of tariff quota requested at the time of the application.

If the total amount of tariff quota requested in the applications is lower than the opened tariff quota, the demands will be met exactly.

An electronic import license will be issued by the Ministry on behalf of the companies with tariff quota allocation. Import licenses will be valid until June 30.

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