“Germany does not have an economy anyway”

“Germany does not have an economy anyway and they have absolutely nothing.”

This is a claim made in a YouTube interview by a Turkish expat, living in Germany.

IlaveTV, a Turkish YouTube channel with about 73 000 subscribers, posted a video of interviews with Turkish citizens about their views on the latest economic threat made by American President, Donald Trump.

This comes after Trump tweeted on Monday: “Starting the long overdue pullout from Syria while hitting the little remaining ISIS territorial caliphate hard and from many directions. Will attack again from the existing nearby base if it reforms. Will devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds. Create a 20-mile safe zone.”

Trump has threatened Turkey with sanctions should the latter’s army do a cross-border military operation into northern Syria.

On the YouTube video, interviewer Arif Kocabiyik, is seen asking regular Turks about their views on this threat. One particular interviewee stuns the interviewer with his incredible answers.

The Germany-residing expat, whose name is not provided, answered questions relating to the threat and Germany’s economy.

“They can do nothing. Germany does not have an economy anyway. They have nothing, no money, nothing.”

Stunned by the weird and alternative facts answers, the interviewer  reminds him of Germany’s thriving automotive industry, but expat goes off by saying: “All of them are owned by the Turks.”

Which car brands will those be? The fellow citizen goes, “Mercedes Benz, Opel, Audi and BMW are owned by Turkish expats living in Germany.”

Seeing that answers are now getting more confusing and mind-boggling, Kocabiyik starts ridiculing the interviewee and asks if the same situation applies to the United States?

“Half of America is Turkish anyway,” the interviewee answers confidently…why is America scared of us?

Numbers don’t’ lie – big facts, big differences between Germany and Turkey

Turkey’s GDP is expected to be $713 billion for 2018 while Germany’s GDP is expected to be more than $4 trillion, nearly five times more than Turkey’s, according to the statistics portal, Statista.  

Both countries’ populations are roughly around 80 million. Thus GDP per capita figures follow the same trajectory with Germany’s $48.669  GDP per capita being five times more than Turkey’s $8715 GDP per capita.

Data on Statista also show that last year the inflation rate in Germany stood at 1,8% while it’s 16,33% in Turkey. The unemployment rate in Germany is 3,8% while Turkey is at a high 11%.

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