Outrage over Marisa Papen’s nude statue doll

Marisa Papen, a Belgian Playboy model, has yet again caused outrage over what many see as acts of blasphemy.

In 2018, Papen was imprisoned for posing naked in holy grounds in Egypt. Shortly thereafter, she posed naked at Hagia Sophia in Turkey as well as in Israel. Her recent scandalous stint was the release of a doll depicting her as a naked Virgin Mary holding a black baby Jesus.

Belgian model Marisa Papen’s nude photo in Hagia Sophia triggered outrage. (Photo: Twitter)

The 20-centimetre doll, known as the ‘Ave Marisa’ doll, sells for approximately 70 euros at the Frank Rose Contemporary Art Gallery in California. Her controversial photos are sold for between 91 and 20,000 euros each.

Religion prevents our individual power

Papen believes that religion takes away the personal power of humankind. “You give your strength away to someone else when you don’t know if that person – be it Allah or God – exists in reality,” Papen stated.

The Belgian model claims that she witnessed a sermon by the pope in St Peter Square at the Vatican when she was 26 years old. She said she saw a miserable, forlorn woman listening to the pope, and wished that the Vatican would do more to help humankind.“Imagine if all these huge churches opened their doors for people in need,” she said.

Papen claims that she is not seeking attention, as many people believe, but that she is trying to get a message across to promote change.  

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