I won’t donate my organ, Turkey is a primitive country with uneducated people, says controversial Professor

Turkey has to be one of the most primitive countries around the world despite its pretentious try at modernism.

This is the view of controversial Celal Sengor, a professor of geology, who said: “Donning a bikini, driving a Mercedes does not make Turkey an advanced country. Turkey is like an Afghanistan, it is one of the most primitive countries I’ve ever seen.”

Sengor, known in Turkey for his controversial comments, got tongues wagging as he lashed out on organ donations. He was being interviewed on Gurkan Hacir’s Simdiki Zaman (Nowadays) program, broadcasting in Turkey’s left-wing broadcaster Halk TV.

“I am not a fan of organ donation, why must I donate my organ to an unknown crass person? There is no point in keeping others alive, but the organ can be donated for research. The research is very important. I am hearing hospitals struggling to find skeleton for osteology classes,” said the Professor, whose comments were widely covered by Turkish media.  

I was slightly misunderstood

Following a public outcry on his comments on Halk TV, Sengor defended himself in Yavuz Oghan’s Bidebunudinle (listen to this) in RS FM radio channel.

The professor stated he never meant to oppose organ donation, as when people listen to the entire interview, they can understand what he actually meant. “I support organ donation, it is a very nice thing but burying the corpses is a silly thing. I meant that, instead of donating my organs to a person who lives like a parasite, it is more appropriate to use my organs for research,” Sengor said.

Sengor went on to say Turkish society sees every person as holy but he doesn’t see people as holy.

My organs are not for Stalin

Sengor said that he never wanted to donate his organ to Soviet Revolutionary Joseph Stalin, as he killed 20 million people. “I told my wife that, when I die, my body must be donated to research institutions but not given to a crass person. Research is more important than keeping people alive. This is my personal decision,” said a seemingly unapologetic Sengor on RS FM show.

Now going for what he referred to as “ignorant” Turks, Sengor said he has no time to be angry with Turkish media. “If a dog comes and bites you in the street, what can you do? Great ignorance prevails in Turkey. I see Turkey as one of the most primitive, having top levels of illiteracy, one of the most uncivilised countries.”

Sengor said, for the past 1 000 years, there has never been an education in Turkey.

Sengor’s most controversial remark was he confessed that he tasted his faeces, because of curiosity. In a “questions and answers session” organised by Turkish Eksi Sozluk, he said he tasted human, cow and mountain goat faeces during his doctorate days in Switzerland. “Human shit taste is bitter than others. This is a matter of curiosity, if you have curiosity, you will try everything,” he said.  

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