March 31st can be a disappointment: AKP Deputy

As the polls don’t promise a shining future for the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) party in the upcoming local elections, the organisation is seen as keeping a distance from ordinary people.

Various points of view started to claim the party avoids interaction with the public. Nowadays, AKP party officials are frequently accused of being snobbish. Both attitudes and their rhetoric such as “ordinary people don’t understand party organisations” is a sign of how AKP officials put distance between ordinary people and themselves.

It seems clear now that during their 16 years in power, Turkey’s conservatives are supposed to be unwittingly making a historic mistake by disregarding a key principle of politics.

Ruling Justice and Development Party İstanbul Deputy, Metin Külünk, said his party AKP can experience a disappointment.

According to a report published by the Damga Newspaper criticising  AKP, Metin Külünk said that the candidates chosen for the 31 March municipal elections are not welcomed by Turkish people.

“Ordinary people don’t understand organisation,” says AKP officials

Touching upon the integrating with the public, Külünk reportedly pointed out that without integration the success will not be embraced in the policy. He further noted that some AKP officials speak in a way that “ordinary people don’t understand the organisation.”

Continuing his criticism in his interview to Damga daily, Külünk said that “some officials created a mindset in the party that people can’t interfere in the entity, but on the contrary, the grass-roots organisation is the strongest tie between the government and ordinary people. If you think of a strong government your party has to reach out to ordinary people.”

He pointed out that he heard such words from some officials saying “people should mind their own business,” and “ordinary people don’t understand the organisation” and think that if this sentence is said by the party leaders that means people’s will cannot reach the politic power.

Similarly, People Think AKP is Toxic in Power

Power toxic has prevailed among AKP members. It is seen that the grass-roots organisation of AKP began to dispute and soon fight among themselves might erupt. It’s also believed that the biasing element within the judiciary, which is responsible for the excess of the “coup cases,” now turned its focus on the government, which showed every sign of being intoxicated with power.

Elections loom amid accusations of unrealistic rise of voters in favour of AKP

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