Pop singer Ebru Gundes in debt because of her husband Reza Zarrab

Reza Zarrab, an Iranian-Turkish businessman who was arrested in the US for breaking the sanctions placed on Iran, has caused trouble for Ebru Gundes, his wife, because of his debt. 

The famous pop singer, Ebru Gundes, recently received a notice of foreclosure as a result of her husband’s debt. The foreclosure notice is for the total of 47 real estates – apartments and shops – in a luxury building complex in the Buyukcekmece district of Istanbul. Zarrab registered these properties to his name on 22 November 2011.

The management of the building complex could not reach Zarrab, therefore, upon the request of the creditor attorney, Gundes was sent a lien-notification. In the notice, it was detailed that an amount of 25 thousand TL from Zarrab’s assets was to be seized.

Zarrab was released from prison in the US after agreeing to be a confessor. He was a key person in the December 17 corruption and bribery operation in Turkey.

Gundes has appealed through her lawyer and argued that Zarrab has no claims or assets in her name.

Gundes filed a divorce case on December 2017, however, the case result still remains unclear and the couple met in New York last September, which sparked rumours that Gundes made up her mind to break up with Zarrab. 

There are even speculations that she is pregnant and it happened after her visit to Reza Zarrab in New York in September 2018.

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