Turkey arrested 48 military pilots in Gulen investigation

ANKARA IS still on the hunt for arrests of those associated with the Gulen movement as detention warrants are issued for forty-eight military pilots on Wednesday.

This is in relation to Land Forces Aviation and fifteen so-called “secret imams” as part of an ongoing Gulen investigation.

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of the investigation, determined some pilots employed in the Land Aviation Command periodically communicated thorough pay telephone with the “secret imams” of the Gulen Movement.

The Turkish government has accused Gulen of organizing the attempted 2016 coup and view the organisation as a terrorist group. The movement strongly denies any involvement in the July 15 coup attempt.

Within the scope of the investigation, the arrest warrant issued for three colonel pilots, four lieutenant colonel pilots, four Squadron leader pilots, nine captain pilots, 27 first lieutenants, and one lieutenant and 15 “secret imams” who contact these soldiers for the benefit of the movement. Many of the 63 military personnel and “secret imams” are already detained Turkish media reports.

As part of the massive purge since the coup attempt, over 150 thousand civil servants have been dismissed, 218 000 detained and 82 000 arrested on coup charges.

Government busts Air Force pilot as it hunts Gulen supporters

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