US and Israel most dangerous countries for Turks: Survey

LOCAL ELECTIONS are around the corner in Turkey and now there is a latest survey that has gone out to seek the voices of voters.

The survey asked several residents of Istanbul, Ankara and İzmir. The survey was done by the Kadir Has University in Istanbul and was reported by the Diken web portal.

According to the survey, titled “Social and political inclinations in Turkey,” people in Istanbul want to see a ‘religious, Muslim and hard-working municipal mayor, but people in Ankara and İzmir prefer to get a ‘hard-working, honest and honorable municipal mayor.’

As ‘candidate effect’ of the electors’ choice in the local elections is 50.6 % while ‘party effect’ is at 49.4%, according to the survey. The same survey determined the biggest headache for voters in Istanbul is ‘traffic congestion’ with 41% not impressed with the congestion, in Ankara, about 41% are not impressed with the ‘infrastructure’, and 46% of residents in İzmir are also not happy with the ‘infrastructure.’

‘Religious and conservative’ are most accepted definitions

The survey continues to show the most accepted definitions are religious and conservatives. But people who consider themselves as religious are 30.9% and those conservative are 13.5%, republican and Kemalist are 16.9%, social democrats are 6.3% and as religious/conservatives are 44.4%.  

Economic problems are a concern for voters

One of the biggest concern of those surveyed was economic challenges that have hit Turkey in recent years. People who indigenize the presidential system are 58.5%. Meanwhile, voters find the performance of a presidential system to be at 41% while 30.2% find the performance to be unsuccessful.

On the other hand, unemployment is one of the main problems for citizens, standing at 27%. As Turkish people strive to survive tough economic problems, ‘high cost of living’ is one of the main problems at 17.8%. Those who said they find government economic policies to be failing stand at 33.6%.

Thinking broadly to fix Turkey’s problems

On continental diplomatic and military relations, 41.9% said Turkey should dump its membership of NATO while 58.7% disagreed, saying Turkey should stay. One the European Union (EU), 48.9% said negotiations with the continental body should steam ahead.

Both US and Israel most dangerous countries for Turks

On recent relations with the US and Israel, only 18.8% felt Turkey is under division threat. The country viewed as most dangerous to Turkey was the US, with 81.9% saying this and putting Israel at Israel 63.3%.

One out of five wants to leave from Turkey

The survey further revealed the most confidential foundation in Turkey is gendarmerie while the presidency is 44.1%, media is at 31.9%. The survey also discloses some striking figures like the people who are satisfied with living in Turkey is 38.8% while 19.8% are not satisfied. It was found that most of the satisfied are supporters of the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP). Twenty percent of supporters of the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) and Republican People’s Party would like to live abroad. On the contrary, 60.4% of Turks want to stay in Turkey.

The remaining conclusion of the survey as follows:

Non-book readers: 60.9 %

Non-newspaper readers:  57.5. %

People who never gone to the theatre:  81.4%

People who never gone to cinema: 35.3. %

Nearly everyone watches television in Turkey

Television watchers: 94.3. %

The frequency of television watching: 3.5 hours

People don’t want a homosexual neighbour: 53.8. %

People don’t want migrant neighbour: 45.8. %


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