Turkish Airlines adds 30 Boeings bound for four destinations

DESPITE THE various, daily economic setbacks, Turkish Airlines has announced the addition to its fleet of thirty Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

The plane, also known as a dream plane, will be focusing on several international routes that were announced. These are Bali, Washington, Atlanta, Bogota-Panama.

The first flight will be in July.

A news report by Haber7, web portal, said Turkish Airlines will buy a total of thirty Boeing 789-9 from the US Boeing Company. Twenty-five of the Dreamliners are certain, and five are optional.

The cities of Bali, Bogota-Panama, Washington and Atlanta will be the main destinations of the Dreamliners. The airline is hoping these will turn out be profitable routes.

Istanbul to Bali – the first flight

Reports say the first flight will be on July 17 and that will be the route of Istanbul to Denpasa in Bali. In early September, the flight from İstanbul to Washington will take off, followed on September 10 with another one from İstanbul to Bogota-Panama City and the last one will be on September 11 from İstanbul to Atlanta, US.  The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner consumes 20% less fuel oil in comparison to other planes with the same size and carries 45% more cargo.

A record-breaking 2018 for Boeing

Meanwhile, the news of Boeing’s increase to 787 productions comes as the planemaker has had a fantastic year in its history. Their net profit in 2018 soared to a record high of $10.5billion, up 24% from the year before, putting them ahead of Airbus in revenue and production.

Technical characteristics of Boeing 787-9

Seats has two classes: 290 passengers

Range: 14 thousand 140 km

Length: 63 meters

Wingspan: 60 meters

Height: 17 meters

Rising prices push poverty and hunger lines

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