Turkish TV actor seeks 10 million Lira divorce settlement from wife  

Leading TV series actor, Necati Şaşmaz, is allegedly seeking 10 million Turkish Lira from his wife, Nagehan Şaşmaz, in their divorce settlement.

Necati, who is the leading actor in one of Turkey’s most popular TV Series ‘Valley of the Wolves’, is suing his wife for “shaking the foundation of the marital union by her gross fault”.

Necati and Nagehan were married in 2012, almost seven years ago, and have two children together. According to Aziz Ozen of the Hurriyet daily, the famous actor also petitioned for custody of the children in his divorce application to the Anadolu Family Court in Istanbul this week. Necati has allegedly demanded that if the court does not give him custody of the children, then they should at least give joint custody.

Necati is afraid to lose the kids

It is alleged that in Necati’s petition for divorce, he also asked to impose a prohibition on Nagehan to travel abroad with the children. This prohibition would also be applicable in their German passports, as Nagehan and the children are German citizens. Necati is afraid that there is a risk that the children will not be able to come back to Turkey.

Necati’s lawyer stated, “Despite all his efforts, my client, Necati Şaşmaz couldn’t save his marriage with the mother of his two children, Nagehan Şaşmaz, therefore he has gone ahead with divorce proceedings. My client has tried to make this divorce process amicable, but it has now become a contested divorce.”

Necati (48) gained popularity with the leading role in the decade-long run of the TV Series ‘Valley of the Wolves’. He also became popular abroad with his role in the ‘Valley of the Wolves Iraq’ and ‘Valley of the Wolves Palestine’ episodes.

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