American supermodel Adriana Lima dumps her ex, a Turkish writer, citing ‘exploitation’

A FAMOUS supermodel has accused her ex-partner Metin Hara, a Turkish writer, of trying to exploit her.

Adriana Lima, a popular Victoria’s Secret model, has accused writer Metin Hara of exploitation. She said this during an interview with People magazine.

The magazine went on to quote the leggy Brazilian model saying she had to end the relationship as she viewed it as exploitation.

The model, known as Victoria’s Secret longest-running Angel, ended her relationship with Hara as she is convinced Hara exploited her.

“Do not disturb us, I am in love,” she was once quoted when asked whether her relationship is over with Hara. Lima later told American media she has completely ended her love relationship with Hara.

The world-famous model’s relation with Hara began a year and a half ago. Local and international media largely covered this unexpected love affair and speculated the affair may be Hara’s project to popularise himself through Lima’s fame.

In December, Lima removed Hara from her social media accounts.

“Women are not a rehabilitation centre for immoral males. It’s not a men job to fix it, change it, raise it or grow it. You are looking for a companion! But it’s not a project!” a critical Lima wrote in one of her social media account posts.

On the other hand, on January 11, Lima shared a hand in hand photo with Hara in the US and wrote: “We are not separated.”

People magazine reported that sources have confirmed the separation of the two.

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