CHP leaders kick off hunger strike in a show of support, unity and solidarity with jailed Eren Erdem

A HUNGER STRIKE in support of the imprisoned Erem Erdem has been kicked off by the executive board of the Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) Strasbourg Union.

This comes in the wake of Erdem, the former CHP deputy, having spent the past 220 days in a prison in  Silivri, one of Istanbul’s suburban districts. He has also been on hunger strike there.

The board headline their strike “ one-day hunger strike” and further emphasizes it is ‘Watch for Justice Fast’ for Erdem.

Last Monday, Erdem wrote a letter in which he said: “Justice is what makes people live, injustice kills.”

“We will be with you in your quest of justice”

A statement, explaining the solidarity with Erdem, said: “Erdem has started justice fast for everyone who is thirsty for justice. Justice fast is resistance against staining innocence. His demand is to be judged fairly like in every state of law.

“Our aim to reach him to freedom which he deserved, his son, his family and to give a helping hand to democracy as soon as possible. We are starting today February 3, 2019, a one day ‘Watch for Justice Fast’ in order to be the voice of our party council member Erdem and to make this injustice heard by the whole world. This is a call to all our abroad unions and organizations in our country. Let’s be the voice and breath of Erdem until his hunger strike for justice ends and continuing our ‘Watch for Justice Fast’ alternately. We will be with you in your quest of justice.”

Istanbul’s 23rd high criminal court decided a supervised release for Erdem, a former MP and Editor in Chief of Karşı Daily, which was closed under the emergency rules after the coup attempt in July 2016, with ban travel to abroad on January 7. However, subsequently the release verdict was appealed, and an upper court issued an arrest warrant for him. Thus, he couldn’t walk away from the courtroom.

He has been in prison since June 2018. He is accused of helping the Gulen movement, deemed a terrorist organisation by Ankara.

Former MP Eren Erdem on hunger strike – “Justice is what makes people live, injustice kills.”

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