Defiant and controversial Fox TV news anchor on air despite RTUK’s ruling

IN A SEEMINGLY defiant move, Turkey’s Fox TV anchor went on air despite the sanction imposed against him by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK).

The authority had ruled against Fatih Portakal, the most watched anchor in Turkey, after he speculated on-air whether Turkish citizens will follow suit and protest like the Yellow Vest movement in France.

Following this, Portakal was suspended from the 4-6 February from air by the authority. But he, defiantly, appeared on air.

Opposing to RTUK’s ruling, FOX TV went to court to contest the ruling, where the court ruled against the watchdog and stop the suspension of FOX TV news bulletin.

Following RTUK’s fine, it was expected that FOX TV would broadcast the documentary instead of the main news bulletin, but Portakal surprised many people as he appeared on his program at 19:00 pm yesterday and today, as it was secured by the court order.   

Erdogan lashes Portakal

When Portakal, with over six million followers on Twitter, commented by saying: “Come on, let’s have a peaceful protest, a protest against wage increase, rising natural gas fees. Come on, let’s do it. Can we do it?”

Portakal’s last December call for a protest infuriated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the President critically saying: “He is calling people to get out on the street. Know your place! If you don’t know your place, the people will teach you a lesson.”

A Turkish prosecutor on 28 December launched an investigation into Portakal for “openly inciting others to commit a crime.” This was less than two weeks after Erdogan’s criticism, as Turkish dailiesHurriyet and Milliyet reported.

Turkey’s Fox TV anchor investigated for incitement

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