Grass roots party supporters of AK Party will in all likelihood dump the party, asserts a critical Mahçupyan

SUPPORTERS OF the AK Party on the ground are seeking a new political home as they unhappiness with the governing party grows.

This is the view of Etyen Mahçupyan, a journalist and former honorary advisor to Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoğlu. He was speaking during an interview on a TV program.

Mahçupyan analysed the possibility and probability of a new, breakaway party as the March 31 local elections draw close.

Mahçupyan was a guest of Ahu Özyurt to the program Yüz Yüze (Face to Face) where he claimed some segments in the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) are not satisfied with non-merit practices, appointments of candidates and the way tenders are distributed.

Some AKP leaders waking up to reality

Replying to a question, ‘is there any political formation?’ Mahçupyan said: “It’s inevitable there are some searches for a new party among grass-roots followers of AKP. It is inevitable there are some fractions in the party searching to establish a new party. Because Turkey is not governed well and that’s seen by everyone. The ruling party, which can possibly lose in the elections, think they can cope with this by merely using the ‘survival problem of the country’ by narrowing the area. But it is obvious AKP officials see this method does contradict reality.”

Concern over elections’ results

There are various circles in Turkey who are concerned whether the elections will be free and fair. There is also the concern about the transparency of the results, with no rigging. This concern resonates strongly with opposition parties. But the biggest tension in the AK Party is mainly it’s conservative grass-roots support. They saw a good party in the first ten-year period of the AK Party, which set some good examples. The present state of the party is now compared with the past.

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