Erdogan threatens those beating food price inspectors as he promises to deal with them in the same manner he dealt with “terrorists”

PRESIDENT Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened brokers in the fruit and vegetables who tried to beat up government inspectors tasked with prices inspection.

Erdogan made an example on Sunday of how terrorists were neutralised in Mounts Judi, Gabar and Tendurek. All of these are the highest mountain ranges in South and East Turkey.

Government working hard to reduce prices

An angry Erdogan said: “Swollen by the brokers, the government has for some time been consistent in its investigation to inspect price hikes in vegetable and fruit markets. The studies aiming to reduce the vegetable and fruit prices in those markets have ended. The government has reached the last stage to establishing municipality bazaars to reduce the prices.”

News portal, Diken, said Turkey’s president was attending the İstanbul Presiding Officers Meeting, which was held in a tent set up near the Sinan Erdem Sports Complex, Erdogan said: “As a government, we are hand in hand with the ministries of Treasure, Finance, Food and Agriculture and Trade each. Are you increasing the prices? Well! We will be entering the provinces with municipality markets. With God’s permission, these markets to be established in the provinces from tomorrow on! We will sell fruit and vegetables at the prime cost.”

Our inspectors were beaten, we will finish the exploiters

The assaulted inspectors were appointed by Ankara and the Ministry of Trade to put together a report on fruit and vegetable prices. Erdogan said they (inspectors) were beaten as if they are creating problems for wholesalers. “If some people, who consider themselves stronger than the state they have to know how we neutralised the terrorists in Mounts Judie, Gabar and Tendurek.”

“People who have been exploiting my citizenry will find us standing up against them. We can’t allow the exploitation of our nation. With God’s permission we will finish this exploitation,” concluded Erdoğan.

Meanwhile, last month, the retail price of 112 products in the Istanbul Producers Cost of Living Index of ITO increased, while the price of 57 products dropped and the price of 73 products remained unchanged.

In January, green pepper which is listed as a fresh-dried vegetable and in the fruit group was the highest in the price group with 73.75% escalation.

Contracted workers want to be permanently employed and tell Erdogan they are not “provocateurs nor terrorists”

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