A thousand-year-old book detailing the life of Christ found in Turkey

Denizli Police Department Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime Branch (KOM) recently carried out an operation to seize historical artefacts in the possession of smugglers.

Written on papyrus leaves in the Aramaic language, four historical works that depict the life of Jesus Christ have been discovered.

Photo: Güneş

Pamukkale University (PAU) Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Archaeology’s faculty member, Dr Fahriye Bayram, examined the books. Bayram concluded that at least two of the four books are one thousand years old. The books describe scenes from the life of Christ with colourful illustrations. The illustrations depict the Virgin Mary, the search for Jesus and his discovery by the Magi, as well as Jesus and Mary’s flight to Egypt.

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One of the books is about horoscopes and symbolism. Among the topics discussed include the tree of life, the symbol of the double-headed eagle, and the spirits of the deceased. It was reported that the books are of great value and importance for the Christian world.

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Professor Dr Bayram also stated that the books may have been smuggled out of museums in Syria. “There are no dates in the books. Some parts were cut and trimmed, increasing suspicion that they might have been stolen from museums,’ Bayram added.

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The suspects in custody claimed that they found the historical artefacts in the garbage. Four of the suspects who were brought before the judiciary after being transferred to the court were arrested and sent to prison.

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