Fancy being stuck in traffic, come to Istanbul, ranked second in the world as the most congested after Moscow

MOSCOW IS the only city that beats Istanbul when it comes to traffic congestion.

This is according to an annual scorecard released by INRIX, a data analytics company. The company releases a report annually on how people move around the world.

According to INRIX’s data, where 220 cities were thoroughly researched when it comes to traffic congestion, İstanbul has overtaken Colombia’s capital province of Bogota. In the same report, it’s pointed out a driver lost 6.5 days in traffic in İstanbul during a one year period. Traffic congestion has increased by 6% last year in Turkey’s economic hub city of İstanbul, as compared to 2017.

The world’s five most, traffic congested cities

Meanwhile, Istanbul, Colombia’s Bogota, Mexico’s Mexico City and Brazil’s Sao Paolo at the top five most traffic congested cities around the world. According to the INRIX report a commuter lost around nine days in a year in Moscow traffic, but traffic congestion considerably fell by 12% in Moscow as compared to 2017.

The other cities included in the top ten were England’s London, Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro, US’ Boston, Russia’s St Petersburg and Italy’s Rome. With drivers spending around 210 hours in peak rush hour periods last year, Russia’s Moscow was the most traffic-congested city around the world in 2018.

Turkish capital city Ankara ranked 11th, and western province İzmir ranked 12th in the list. As a driver losing five days in the traffic in Ankara, this rate is six days in İzmir in a year.

How were the rankings achieved, on what basis?

Rankings of INRIX a data analytics company were based on the total number of hours lost in traffic during peak commute periods, compared to free-flow periods as well as the average speed and the time it took to travel one mile into a city’s business district during rush hour.

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