Ankara goes digital to sell cheaper fruits and vegetables as it fights high prices

THE TURKISH government has now gone digital as it will be selling fruits and vegetables online as it continues its efforts to reduce high prices.

Turkish consumers have been hit hard by high prices of fruits and vegetables. These are now sold at controlled prices at municipal markets.

Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure in Turkey said on Tuesday cheap products will be sold through online sales – this will be done through a platform ran by the state-owned postal services company, PTT.

With the new implementation, consumers may place orders for the products, which are sold at the same price the municipalities currently charge at the municipal markets set up across Ankara and Istanbul last weekend.

Orders to be delivered by PTT Cargo and Logistics

Once orders are placed by Turks, they will be delivered by PTT Cargo and Logistics. Turhan further pointed out they are working with the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry to successfully implement the online sales approach of selling fruit and vegetables.

Turhan said this was also a prevention method to avoid long queues at municipal markets.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week threatened brokers in the fruit and vegetables who tried to assault government inspectors tasked with prices inspection. Following the threats, Erdoğan set up municipal markets (state markets) last week across Turkey to sell cheap fruit and vegetables. The markets were opened in some districts of Ankara, along with 34 different districts of Istanbul.

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