MIT, MOSSAD and Antioch-Lebanon mafia behind the Hatay blast in 2013: Mihraç Ural

(The second part of the Mihrac Ural interview published on Grihat news portal)

-In 2013,  52 people were killed in a bomb attack. Do you have a role in this?*

I have answered this question thousands of times to major news outlets. As a revolutionary, as a human being struggling for peace and human rights, I strongly condemn such actions and count them as crimes against humanity.

Behind these kinds of dirty acts, only intelligence agencies can be found, and they do them to give a message to each other, shedding the blood of innocent people. There are 33 people arrested related to this attack. The last one is called Yusuf Nazik.

In the security interrogations carried out under torture and in the court interrogations, the detainees all said that they did not know me, and they had never seen me. This is a political accusation.

The aim is to blame Syria. As Fidan had said, ‘I will send three or five people to Syria and then launch a missile, then blame Syria’. I was also targeted by the Minister of Interior Muammer Güler and Prime Minister Erdoğan, while not even half an hour had passed after the incident.

The fact is, there is no proof nor testimony that incriminates me. With the statements of Yusuf Nazik who was caught last, all the facts emerged. The accusations of the press towards me also tend to change direction.

According to my research, this brutal act of terrorism has been put into operation as a work of MIT, MOSSAD ( Israel’s intelligence agency) and the Antioch-Lebanon mafia.

Journalist Ahmet Şık wrote about the subject in depth. I gave him the missing information.

The MIT is trying to maintain its existence with a rhetoric to create confusion and initiatives to make it look larger than it is. MIT elements caught by the PKK is an incident that is still very fresh in our minds.

Lies and deceit is the characteristic of this institution. The purpose is to increase the morale of its own agents and to inflate the charisma of the bloody dictator.

Those who kidnapped Yusuf Nazik are the Mafia of Lattakia, not MIT itself, which could only hope to do such an operation in Lattakia in their dreams.

-Is there a question missing here?

Syria must be the centre of freedoms and democracy. The most meaningful expression of this is the protection of the rights of the Kurdish people and this should be explicitly stated in the constitution. Because with 7000 years of history, this country is a cradle of civilization as a country of different ethnic tapestries.

To do this, each community should be able to propose what they want, and the proposal should be implemented with a common decision. The logic of ‘I approve my own decisions in my own narrow space and force everyone to agree to it’ is no different from the repressive logic of a sovereign nation.

The Syrian people should think for a long time and form a constitution that should trouble no one.

This is the best interpretation of chairman Öcalan’s discourse of a ‘democratic nation’ sharing a common country.

I must repeat that the Kurdish people have longed for a thousand years to establish Kurdistan for a more permanent peace, which is being developed under the leadership of the PKK, and this is necessary.  

This decision belongs only to the Kurdish people and their representatives. It’s just a constructive friendly proposition I’m going to say here.

Looking from here, the Kurds’ dialogue with Damascus and taking decisions together is extremely crucial, and it will also pave the way for making them an important component of the region in the axis of resistance.

This means being on the winning side. The need for the correct policies and attitude on the part of the Kurds will also be met with these steps.

‘We have started talks with Syria on the lower level, from here on we can have talks on a higher level,’ Erdogan said recently. What do you think?

Erdogan’s statements should be considered a sign that he wishes these talks to happen, not that there is a relationship in existence.

When himself and the terrorist networks that he supports are crushed in the war and the US retreats, his hope is to have something to haggle with under the table. This is the only reason for the existence of this fictional news.

Because the Assad administration knows that there will be no fruitful relationship with a dictator painted with Syrian blood.

For my part, I wrote detailed political research to Bashar al-Assad’s office before the events began. I told them that Erdogan could never be trusted and that there would be a serious break.

I explained that their purpose is not different from the Muslim Brotherhood terror networks (I also wrote the same thing for Aydınlıkçılar – Ultranationalist deep state elements in Turkey).

All of this was a severe syndrome for Syria. Syria will have a tendency to ask Turkey to pay for what they did as it does in its relations with Israel.

This is different in the case of the relations between the Arab nations. Despite such betrayal, they maintain a relationship. But this is more about the Baathist party’s pan-Arabist nationalism. However, this will perhaps not be the case for Turkey.

Turkey and Syria should work in the social sphere. As I had put in an article written in 1978, nothing can be done with the ‘Modern Fascist CHP’ (Republican People’s Party in Turkey).

From time to time, the CHP, which is far ahead of the AKP in nationalism, is an important pillar of disillusionment and conflict in the region.

The left is missing or ineffective. The Alevis are suppressed. The Kurdish movement is always in a cold relationship with Ba’ath nationalism.

What remains is the relations developed with the social circles and NGOs in general.

The process will take a very long time and I think after a while immigrant Syrians in Turkey (when they come to their senses) will be an important actor, even in the Hatay case, I can say that they can be beneficial.

-What could be the subject of Ankara+Syrian talks, what is the purpose for Turkey?

The United States withdrew its soldiers, this has happened, despite some still daydreaming and saying otherwise.

Attempts to instil hope in those who were standing together shoulder to shoulder with them in Syria have also been invalidated.

At the last meeting in Russia, he [Erdogan] could not get permission to go beyond the east of the Euphrates despite all his efforts. The bloody dictator plays for time and the balances.

The exploitation of events based on the traditional policies of the Ottomans. He has an attitude that makes him aggressive even to his closest friends.

For a time, Abdel Nasser thought he could fill this void [of being the regional leader], some whispered into his ear.

He starts to sway in a certain direction, forgetting that the entire world had risen on the cultural background of Egypt and that he is a son of the Nile. This Abdel Nasser couldn’t even be the leader of the Arabs.

When he could not achieve this, he set his eyes on being the leader of the Sunni world, but where there is Egypt’s Al-Azhar, Mecca and Medina, he did not understand that such a leadership was impossible and was destined to fail.

Then there is the call for a New Ottoman Empire, understood as a new barbarism, which brings destruction to its neighbours, and when this idea also fails, they attempt to redefine it as a revival of the National Pact [Misak-i Milli], the strategic depth utopias to dominate the region, but the time is not the time of the rise of the Ottomans.

This fascist and bloody Erdoğan dictatorship which is politically dead tries to cover up domestic problems with aggression abroad, through exploitation of nationalism he tries to suppress scientists, academics, journalists and democrats by putting them in prison, torturing and killing them.

It also tends to use foreign events as cover. All this is for the murder of democracy and freedoms.

The Kurds who need these two most are also vanquished as part of this process. To achieve this purpose, the Turkish government is happy to be the puppet of the Russians.

If the Syrian government cooperates to achieve this mission of destroying the Kurds, the Turkish side can kiss their hands and skirts, and it does not hesitate to cooperate with Iraq and Iran and the region to destroy the Kurdish presence.

But this policy has gone bankrupt. Because the Syrian state has overturned the table on these aspirations.

In fact, they know that in October during a joint meeting with the Syrian and Turkish sides held in Latakia, in 2010, the Syrian government rejected Turkey’s Kurdish policy.

Assad had told them, do not bring your own problems to us, establish an institution of amnesty and use it whenever the need arises, at the famous last public press conference.

After these pronouncements, the relations soured between the two countries and cold winds began to blow.

This all shows that all the political manoeuvres of the bloody dictator are for the slaughter of Kurds.

As long as this goal is on the agenda, there will be no covert meetings with Syria. Because the Syrian Kurds will never sell them [the Syrian state], will never point their weapons on them and show that they are obliged to protect the Kurds to protect their own territorial integrity.

Reportedly Killed Several Times during the Syrian War

It has often announced by the Turkish state-run Anadolu news agency that Ural was killed during the war, but all of these claims were denied. Ural also appeared in the Congress in Sochi and appeared with representatives, whom Russia described as ‘constructive opposition’.

Meanwhile, Turkey has sought his with red bulletin through Interpol.

Mihraç Ural: Erdogan has been using thousands of terrorists in Syria and Turkey

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