Erdoğan called a ‘fruit seller trying to be a world leader’ by a CHP deputy

“PRESIDENT RECEP Tayyip Erdogan has now turned into a “fruit seller” while at the same time trying to be a world leader.”

These pointed and sarcastic words were said by Muharrem Ince, deputy for the Republican Peoples’ Party (CHP). Ince went on to say, taking aim at the governing Justice and Development Party (AKP): “Do you know why the government is selling, tomato, onion, potato, green pepper?”

Ince replied to his own question saying it’s because consent lacks among Turkish people. “Because you are breaking the people’s heart, dividing them, and dissociated (separated) them (people).

Visiting his party provincial chairmanship branch in the northern Turkish province of Samsun (737 km east of İstanbul),  Ince held talks with his CHP party grassroots and delivered a speech afterward.

“Why Turkey is in this condition, why is our economy is in this condition? Do you know why the government selling, tomato, onion, potato, green pepper? Because there is a lack of consent to you among Turkish people. One hand there is an AKP fighting to control distribution so that they get the income, and the other hand there is a struggle between old and new among AKP. Surely there is no stabilization such an environment,” added a critical Ince.

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Ince further said Turkey now has a “K” Period nowadays.

K is the letter in the Turkish alphabet which has been frequently using among us nowadays also. The AKP rule is one of an immoral coalition in Turkey. Normally, coalitions had been formed following the elections in Turkey, but now there is a coalition formed prior to the election. Ince was referring to an alliance between  AKP and Nationalist Movement Party CHP.

“There is horror, queues, arbitrariness, trick, a monstrous lie, and Qatar (this in reference to relations between Qatar and Turkey). I have always said what benefit will the relation with Qatar give Turkey? In this period the Letter “K is first number letter.

In the Turkish coalition, horror, queues, trick, a monstrous lie, Qatar begins with the K letter of the Turkish alphabet.

“Look, what we have been talking nowadays. You (referring AKP government and Erdoğan) sold the fertilizer factories and selling diesel to farmers with ÖTV (Special Consumption Tax). Farmers can’t afford to buy fertilizer. Diesel is expensive. You banned the production and punished the producing villagers and farmers. You made people depend on Israel for seeds. When you see the onion is not grown in Turkey, you bought it from Iran. Meat is not produced, you import meat. There is no milk production then you bought milk from abroad. You did not support the villagers and farmers and finally “you turned into a fruit seller’ while you are trying to be a world leader,” Ince lashed out.

Continuing his critique of both the government and Erdoğan, the CHP deputy Ince said waiting for Turkey’s salvation from those who turned it into this bad situation would be ‘naive’.

“Turkey has been a country among seven self-sustaining countries. Many countries are mentioned with their attributions. China is mentioned with mass- production, Japan is mentioned with digital technology, India is mentioned with its software technology, Germany is mentioned with automotive, the US is mentioned with industry and agriculture. When it comes to Turkey, it’s mentioned with a paid plastic bag and highly criticized zoning peace.

“In Turkey, zoning peace determines and records structures violating the zoning laws, paid military service,” noted the CHP deputy.

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