Increasing gas prices add another headache for cash-strapped Turks

AS OF Monday, gasoline prices have been increased by 27 kuruş in Turkey.

This was announced by the Energy Petroleum Gas Supply Stations Employer Union. With the new price hikes, the price of gasoline rose from 6,16 to 6,43 TL (1.23 Dollar) in the Turkish capital city of Ankara.

In the economic capital of Istanbul, gasoline prices were increased from 6,09 kuruş to 6,36. 100 kuruş equals 1 Turkish Lira.

Price hikes in gasoline prices is relatively changing due to the rivalry in the free market conditions.

Early this month, the price of gasoline was increased by 6 kuruş.

High food prices, increasing fuel-oil prices, a weak currency and lack of economic growth are some of the challenges currently facing Turkey and Ankara seems to have little answers or solutions. Meanwhile, Turks continue to feel the pinch of a strained economy and failing political leadership.

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