More than 15,000 apply for job meant for 60 people in Turkey

A total of 15,641 people applied for a job allocated to just 60 people in the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the north-eastern Turkish province of Rize.

According to local news channel Olay, another position advertising for 10 cleaners received 12,571 applications. Reportedly, these applications were made between February 11 and 15, 2019.

This heart-wrenching statistic shows the severity of the economic crisis in Turkey.

Rize is the hometown of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Unemployment rate increasing in Turkey

The unemployment rate in Turkey is on the rise due to the worsening economic environment.

Turkey’s unemployment rate increased from 10.3 percent in November 2017 to 12.3 percent in November 2018. The number of unemployed people rose from 706 thousand to 3.98 million.

The labor force participation rate increased from 52.8 percent in November 2017 to 53 percent in November 2018.

The unemployment rate in Turkey averaged 10.10 percent from 2005 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 14.80 percent in February of 2009, and a record low of 7.30 percent in June of 2012.

Turkey’s unemployment rate hits %11.6, sees 19 months high

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