War between movie theaters and filmmakers over early Netflix film release

War has broken out between moviemakers and movie theater organizations in Turkey over film profits and control.

Famous Turkish actor Yilmaz Erdogan’s latest film, Organized Works 2: Sazan Sarmalı, rekindled the fire when it was released on Netflix, one of the world’s largest digital platforms, just two weeks after its first screening in cinemas.

Birol Guven, a member of the Turkish Film Makers Association, has criticized the move harshly. Guven stated that showing a film on a digital platform when it was still showing in cinemas can cause irreversible damage to the cinema sector.

The question of why the film was shown on Netflix shortly after being released in cinemas not yet been answered due to a confidentiality agreement.

Film director Yilmaz Erdogan claimed that he has the right to air his film wherever he wants to if there is no agreement that restricts on which platforms the film may be shown.

Erdogan’s move is seen by many as a counter attack and a victory for filmmakers.

Erdogan claimed that he was already in talks with Netflix. However, should this crisis be resolved once the new law that permits multi-platform screenings is in place, it will lead to a new dilemma in the cinema sector.

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