Expert predicts spike in vegetable prices after elections

President of the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers, Özden Güngör, argued that the price of onions may increase to 10 Liras in 2019, right after the elections.

Gungor also claimed that the current ‘Tanzim’ method of selling food products directly to the public may soon fail, with food prices rising even higher in the coming months.

The ruling government made a quick decision to apply the Tanzim method of sales prior to the local elections of March 31. Güngör holds that although this method was put in place to deal with food inflation, it will be discontinued after the elections that will take place in March.

“Since the state sells the products directly to the public, prices will automatically fall. This method of sales is geared towards the elections. When the elections end, it will go back to the way it was before. After 31 March, food inflation will increase,” Gungor claimed.

Using potatoes and onions specifically as an example of the most bought food products, Güngör predicted that the prices may go up as much as 9-10 Liras after March 2019.

Güngör also commented on the reasons why the state employed the Tanzim method after raiding warehouses for inspection. “Producers decided not to buy products that preserve the vegetables stored in warehouses, arguing that they do not make any profit anyway. As a result, the products in the warehouses become spoiled.”

Regarding the price increase in 2018, Gungor said, “The poor conditions of some warehouses is another factor. In October 2018, we said that onion prices could reach 6-7 Liras in January, and this has happened because planting areas have become scarce, production is low, and onion consumption is high.”

“In 2019, onion prices could be as high as 9-10 Liras. We need to calculate per capita consumption and produce accordingly,” Gungor said.

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