Davutoglu party to launch as he guns to challenge AK Party, columnist claims

A CLAIM HAS BEEN made by a columnist that former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has now managed to organize structures for his new party in about forty cities.

The claim was made by columnist Fatih Altayli, in his column that was published Haberturk.

Altayli further wrote Davutoglu will soon apply for the registration of his new party. There were no sources named in the column.

Davutoglu was last in office in October 2016, after he resigned due to simmering political differences of views with President Tayyip Erdogan. Davutoglu then pronounced he would not stand for re-election as the leader of AK Party.

In his column, Altayli is instead quoting a friend whom he says is close to political circles. He refers to this friend as someone who is “from a family in the heart of politics for generations.”

According to his source, Davutoglu’s party ‘has reached the stage of completing its structural organization in 40 cities.’

Altayli wrote how surprised he was as it was former Turkish President Abdullah Gul and former finance minister Ali Babacan, who were being expected to start a new party. Both figures were also kicked to the kerb by Erdogan as they were seen as being critical of the AK Party and Erdogan’s leadership.

According to the source, Gul and Babacan will also launch a new party soon. The source, wrote Altayli: “That is the reason why Davutoğlu is in a hurry. He wants to be the first. He intends to establish his party first and urge Babacan to join his party. He wants to join forces.”

Altayli’s source further claims Babacan and Gul will not join Davutoglu’s party, as they are planning to establish a party ‘close to the AK Party’s founding philosophy. They are waiting for the elections. They will take a look at the AK Party’s votes. If the AK Party’s vote falls below 35, they will form the party. If they don’t, they wait for a little more.’

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