More purges of civil servants as 100 active-duty soldiers and healthcare workers are now targeted by Ankara

OVER 100 active duty soldiers and healthcare workers have been issued with arrest warrants over terrorism allegations.

Turkish prosecutors in the capital Ankara issued warrants, this is according to a report by the state-run Anadolu Agency. The warrants were issued on Monday.

A new phase of the purge targets sixty-seven active-duty soldiers including a commander and lieutenants along with a Trade Ministry employee and many healthcare workers, according to the report.

They are all accused of being in communication with the Gulen movement via pay phones. The movement is seen by Ankara as the responsible group for the 2016 coup attempt, an allegation denied by the movement.

The Istanbul Public Prosecutor Office last Friday issued arrest warrants for 295 active-duty military personnel, as part of an ongoing post-coup purge, adding more to a number of over 6,000 of military staff, who were all dismissed from Turkey’s military.

Turkey orders arrest of 295 active duty soldiers

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