UK’s May fate lies with another testing Brexit deal vote on March 12

THE 12TH OF March will be a key date for UK Prime Minister Theresa May as it will be the day of the vote of her Brexit deal.

May announced on Sunday the vote will be taking place seventeen days before the deadline for Brexit.

That simply means the House of Commons will not be having a meaningful vote on a transition deal for Britain to leave the European Union this week.

May pointed out how she needs more time to meet European leaders for deliberations on changes to her original plan, rejected in Parliament by a historical margin in January.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn accuses May of “recklessly running down the clock” in a bid to “force MPs to choose between her bad deal and a disastrous no deal.”

“It is still within our grasp to leave the EU with a deal on 29 March. We are working on doing exactly that,” May was quoted by reporters as she spoke to them while on route to the EU-Arab League summit in Egypt.

The UK would abruptly become a “third country” in case of a “no-deal Brexit,” with substantially less access to the EU single market starting from March 29.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) proclaimed on Monday the negative impact of Brexit uncertainty. The CBI pointed out the dismal picture for Britain’s service industry, a dire situation not seen since the 2009 crisis.

“Until politicians can agree on a deal favored by a majority in Parliament and is acceptable to the UK and protects our economy, sentiment will continue to deteriorate,” Rain Newton-Smith, the CBI’s chief economist was quoted by Reuters.

May dismissed allegation on her anti-immigration stance

Anna Soubry, a lawmaker who quit the Conservative Party as she accused them of disastrously handling the Brexit issue, alleged that May had a problem with immigration last week.

Soubry claimed May’s stance on immigration is preventing her from getting a reasonable deal on Brexit.

May dismissed the allegation and said immigration has been good for the UK. She said there are those whose desire is to have more control over the matter.

Brexit: Parliament bids May to renegotiate the deal, Brussels rejects outright

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