Depression and suicide as new figures show there are now more than a million unemployed youths across Turkey

A GOOD EDUCATION is no longer a safeguard to a cushy job in Turkey as more than a million graduates find themselves unemployed.

This shocking figure has been released by Bağımsız Sağlık-Sen, the Independent Health Union of Turkey.

The union made the shock announcement that one-quarter of the four million unemployed people in Turkey are graduates from an institution of higher learning across Turkey.

Mehmet Bayraktar, the union’s president, said having a good education is no a great guarantee of finding work in Turkey.

According to a report published by Bağımsız Sağlık-Sen, based on data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI), over 230 000 more people became unemployed in Turkey last year.

These latest depressing unemployment figures come as Turkey continues to struggle economically with various sectors seeing little growth. Industries such as automotive and construction are among many that have been shedding jobs and seeing very little revenue.

During the same period the TSI gathered its data, the number of unemployed people in the ages of 15 and above increased by 706 000.

With the sole focus in the 14-24 age group, the unemployment rate of this young population increased from 4.3% to 23.6%.

Bayraktar best described current unemployment rates as ‘gloomy’. He pointed out his concerns of a country that cannot employ its young, educated people as this was a huge concern for the country’s future.

Social media chips in and debate the issue

Social media users complained about the rising unemployment, criticizing the government for not taking appropriate action.

A Turkish Twitter user criticized the government’s decision to build new ‘kiraathanes,’ coffee houses where the card and board games are played across Turkey despite the high unemployment rate.

The user, with the handle Levent, wrote: “Look at the promise they make. They promise to build ‘National Kiraathanes’. Youth unemployment soars to 20 percent. And yet they plan to build these kiraathanes. Not keen on building factories.”

Other Twitter users responded to the criticism: “Building a coffee house is cheaper, let’s not wear our President down,” one user responded. Another user going by handle eng-lander wrote: “He is saying, ‘let them stay unemployed, so that I can get their votes! He is not promising employment, he is promising unemployment!”

No jobs, suicide is the easy way out

Psychiatrists and local authorities in Turkey have also said unemployment is the number one reason for widespread cases of depression and suicide in the country.

According to research conducted by a local newspaper in Izmir, there is a high  demand for psychiatrists in Turkey as a result of the rising unemployment in recent years.

According to Arzu Dalmis, a psychiatrist at a local hospital in Izmir, Turkey, there is widespread despair in the youth at the local and national level, as a result of unemployment and the ensuing depression.

Dalmis further said the main cause of suicide cases is unemployment and the inability to do anything in the current economic environment. “This is reflected on family relations and even children,” Dalmis concluded.

Turkey’s unemployment rate hits %11.6, sees 19 months high

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