Venezuela’s Guaido rallies the international community to “have all options open” after aid was blocked from entering the country and lives were lost

OPPOSITION LEADER and self-appointed Venezuelan president Juan Guaido has asked his biggest cheerleader, the US, to use all in its might to ensure Nicolas Maduro is kicked out of office.

Guaido’s request to President Donald Trump’s government comes after two protesters were killed during tense standoffs where Maduro’s loyalist troops blocked international aid from entering Venezuela.

Guaido’s has asked America to use “all options” that can dethrone Maduro.

The confrontation at the border saw, according to reports, gunmen in civilian clothes shooting live bullets at protesters.

After this, Guaido took to Twitter and wrote: “Today’s events force me to make a decision: to formally propose to the international community that we must have all options open to secure the freedom of our country.”

Guaido has received support from not only America, but also few other Western countries that are of the view Maduro is an illegitimate president who stole elections.

Trump, much as he recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s president, has not received much-needed support from his Congress for a military intervention in Venezuela.

Maduro still enjoys support from countries like Turkey and Russia.

This is the first time Guaido has petitioned the international community to consider “all options open.”

A Reuters news report said the opposition was expecting aid to be allowed into the country considering the dire situation that has seen children suffering from malnutrition and food supplies getting scarce by the day.

Despite this, the army followed Maduro’s instruction and blocked the aid from getting into Venezuela.

Guaido has vowed to continue pursuing Maduro to allow aid to enter the country. Following the showing of support for Guaido by Colombia, Maduro has announced his plans to cut all diplomatic ties with Bogota.

“What do the Venezuelan people think of Trump’s threats? Get your hands off Venezuela. Yankee go home,” Maduro told a rally. He also claimed the aid products were ‘rotten.’ “He is sending us rotten food, thank you!”

Protesters in Urena were reportedly shot at by men wearing balaclavas, at a demonstration where crowds urged Maduro to let aid into Venezuela. The economic meltdown has caused Venezuela’s economy to shrink by half in the last half-decade.

“They started shooting at close range as if we were criminals,” a shopkeeper said after the violent shootings at protesters.

Six of the aid trucks that attempted to enter Venezuela went back to Colombia after not being allowed inside. Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello also had an aid ship returned to Puerto Rico after a threat of opening fire at them by the Venezuelan navy.

“This is unacceptable and shameful. We have also notified our partners in the US government about this serious incident,” Rossello said regarding the incident.

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