Family plea for information about two abducted by 40 armed-men, thought to be the police

THERE have been more reports of kidnappings of those accused of links with the Gulenist movement by Ankara.

This revelation was said by Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu, the MP for the People’s Democratic Party, the pro-minority-rights party.

Gergerlioglu made the revelation following his hosting of the families of Yasin Ugan (43) and Ozgur Kaya (41) via an online broadcast on Tuesday.

Ugan and Kaya were abducted from their house in Ankara’s Altindag district by gunmen in plain clothes on February 13. They were last seen by the neighborhood residents being taken into a white van with black nylon bags on their heads.

The two were being searched by police on charges of links with the Gulen movement, deemed a terrorist group by Ankara and accused of instigating the failed coup of 2016.

It has been reported up to forty people armed with automatic rifles, unknown to all, identified themselves as policemen according to the inhabitants of the district.

Ankara Police Department has repeatedly denied any involvement in the abductions. They have even gone as far as denying they have detained the two in any of their facilities.

MP Gergerlioglu asserted he directed a parliamentary question to the Interior Minister on the incident and filed a petition to the Human Rights Inquiry Committee of the Turkish Parliament. “The statements from these bodies are yet to emerge,” said Gergerlioglu.

He further said forced disappearances started to take place in recent years with twenty reported incidents during the state of emergency.

“In the last nineteen days I have received reports of new incidents,” said Gergerlioglu.

Mikail Ugan, the brother of the missing Yasin and Selda Ugan, the spouse,  appeared on a live stream with Gergerlioglu. The MP is also the deputy chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Inspection of Human Rights.

Mikail said gunmen conducted ID checks in the neighborhood and showed a case number to Ugan and Kaya’s landlords, claiming they came to undertake the orders of the public prosecutor to detain them, according to the information he could acquire from the residents of the building.

Ugan moved on to say they approached the prosecution about the incident and asked about the case number. The public prosecutor, Selcuk Guntas, told them the case number is authentic.

However, no information has been made available to the public by authorities so far on the whereabouts and wellbeing of the abducted individuals.

Selda Ugan, Yasin’s anguished spouse, added the gunmen who identified themselves as police conducted searches in the neighborhood. They even closed a street after the two were taken away in a vehicle.

Selda Ugan tells of distressed children in relation to their father

Gergerlioglu asked the spouse of the abducted citizen about her kids, whether they were aware of the ensuing predicament.

“The older ones, 15 and 11, are aware of the incident and they have a heavy burden on their little shoulders. They know their father was apprehended by gunmen,” she replied.

As she went on, she broke down in tears lamenting: “I can hardly articulate my feelings, we are afflicted with this agonizing incident. The pain does not go away. I don’t know what to do. Time hangs so heavily on my hands. Every phone ring freaks me out, not knowing good news or bad ones ahead.”

She repeated her calls to authorities to provide information on her husband’s condition.

MIT is the main suspects as extrajudicial detainments rise

Extrajudicial detainments by Turkey’s intelligence agency, MIT, have increased in the last two years, according to the Human Rights Association (IHD).

MIT operates abductions abroad and within the country targeting the alleged Gulen affiliates. They then take them in for interrogation in extralegal confinement, claimed a report presented to the Council of Europe.

Deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran said last Sunday more than 100 Gulenists were brought back to Turkey while promising to hunt them down “wherever they are.”

Turkey has expelled 160 000 civil servants and detained nearly the same number of people since the 2016 failed coup attempt on alleged links to the Gulen movement while over 40 000 are imprisoned on charges of being members of the organization.

UN screens over recently kidnapped Gulenists in Ankara, media reports

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